Top Ten Child Musician in Nigeria 2022

We bring you the long awaited Music Estate Top Ten Child Musicians in Nigeria 2022 today. The top ten child musicians in Nigeria 2022 list is a compilation of young musicians who are exceptionally talented children/teens making waves in the music industry at their very young age. These top child music prodigies are certain to cause a new wave in the professional music industry in years to come.

As music and creatives are now been embraced as a respected path of life in the African culture, many parents are now encouraging their children to pursue their musical dreams even from their early years. Our top ten child musicians in Nigeria 2022 have been carefully singled out due to their talents and skillsets. These child prodigies will give you a run for your money any day and any time.

Top Ten Child Musician in Nigeria 2022

We have carefully hand picked the top ten child musicians in Nigeria 2022. Chief among the criteria used is the skillset of these children/teens in their handling of their musical instruments. In no particular order, here is the list of the Music Estate top ten child musicians in Nigeria 2022;

1. Moses Onoja

Full Name: Moses Onoja

Instrument: Piano, Voice (singing), Guitar and Drums

Music Genre: Contemporary gospel, Soul, Pop

About Moses Onoja

Moses Onoja is a singer, songwriter, worship leader and multi instrumentalist

Moses Onoja is a 15 years old dynamic gospel singer, songwriter, worshipper, and multi-instrumentalist. He is one of the lead artists at Elshadai Music. Moses Onoja started singing at the very young age of 5yrs after been influenced and taught the basics of singing by his elder brother, mentor, and Coach TJ Onoja (who is also his manager). Moses came to limelight after his cover songs with Elshadai Music hit the internet in 2020/2021. He has so far released original songs like Talk To Jesus, Throne Of Mercy, Mai taimako na, and the rest.

When not singing, Moses likes to engage in football or dancing. His roles model and favourite musicians includes TJ Onoja, Travis Greene, Chandler Moore and Nathaniel Bassey. One thing for sure we can say about Moses is that he is a mature musician.

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2. Demilade Adepegba

Full Name: Demilade Adepegba

Instrument: Saxophone

Music Genre: Contemporary Jazz

About Demilade Adepegba

Aka The Bold One, Demilade was born into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Adepegba Adelaja O and Tope Akinola Adepegba. He is the first of three children. Growing up, his favourite toy was the saxophone. You could say that at 13, Demilade has already outclassed many professional saxophonist and is way out of league with saxophonist of his age. When you want to look out for an exceptional child musicians, Demilade could easily rank number 1. This is one jazz saxophonist, who handles more notes than a banker. He listens to jazz musicians who are way out of his league, no wonder he is that good.

Demilade’s abilities on the saxophone is simply beyond his era. He is able to run scales on the saxophone in ways that only an experienced and professional saxophonist can. At age 13, Demilade Adepegba could easily be called ‘little Charlie Parker’ of our time. Simply said, Demilade is better than you think. All it will take is to listen or watch him perform. The lad is simply expectional on the saxophone.

Demilade Adepegba was recently recognized and enlisted by SYOS as an artist, an Italian based saxophone accessories company.

3. Pelumi Aderibigbe

Full Name: Oluwapelumi Joshua Aderibigbe

Instrument: Piano/Organ

Music Genre: Classical and Contemporary

About Pelumi Aderibigbe

Oluwapelumi Joshua Aderibigbe is a 14 year-old musician who is classically and contemporary trained. Having started playing the piano at aged 6, Oluwapelumi could easily be said to be a professional on the piano. The musical journey of Oluwapelumi started with the deliberate attempt of his parents to educate her musically. While growing up, he had the opportunity of being enrolled in a music school for a while by his parents and would later engaged the services of a private music teachers to groom him musically.

Oluwapelumi hopes to become a music composer in the future. This is probably due to his inclination to classical music. At age 14, Oluwapelumi’s sight-playing and expression skills on the piano is His role models are his dad and legendary composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. When not playing the piano, he loves to draw and sketch.

4. Seyitansingz

Full Name: Oluwaseyitanfunmi Olive Ogungbemi

Instrument: Voice (singing)

Music Genre: Contemporary pop

About Seyitansingz

Seyitansingz is a 9years old multitalented singer, songwriter, dancer and presenter who loves reading and creating stories. This child music prodigy are destined to take the music world by storm and completing change the norm

Seyitan who started singing at the early age of 3, has an unusual breath control abilities and ‘sweet’ tone for a child her age. Her pitch would simply compete with those of a matured singer. It would interest you to know that singing come as a natural talent to her. Beside the voice, she is currently learning how to play the guitar.

With over 9k followers on Instagram, Seyitan is certainly on the path to stardom. She hopes to be among the greatest singers in the world. In addition, she wants to impact the world positively through her music.

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5. Grace Isiramen

Full Name: Grace Heart Isiramen

Instrument: Singing (Voice)

Music Genre: Contemporary and classical

About Grace Heart Isiramen

Grace is an 11 year old gifted singer who has been singing since she was 5 years old. Coming from a musical background, Grace had all the motivation and support that has enhanced her musical abilities. Her musical instrument is the voice. She would make her among the few child music prodigy who are singers. Grace Isiramen is not just a singer. She is a very good singer, especially for her age. Her tone, pitch and delivery of classical music is almost second to none among her peers.

With a love for classical music, Grace Isiramen’s future aspirations is to become a music composer. Her role model and most favourite musician is Elizabeth Parcel. When Grace is not singing, you would probably caught her drawing.

6. Temilayo Abodunrin

Full Name: Temilayo Abodunrin

Instrument: Saxophone, piano

Music Genre: Contemporary gospel, pop, jazz

About Temilayo Abodunrin

Temilayo Abodunrin is a highly skilled 12 year old saxophonist who started playing the instrument at age 6. Over the years, she has been able to hone her skills on the saxophone while setting the standards for child music prodigy in Nigeria. While she performs mostly contemporary gospel music, she is highly skilled on other genres including afro beat. She performs mostly at concerts and ceremonies where she usually wow her audience.

In an interview, Temilayo disclosed that she actually started off as a pianist before switching to the saxophone. Having started playing the saxophone at age 6, Temilayo can easily be referred to as a saxophone sensation. Her dexterity on the saxophone is almost unmatched for anyone within her age group and she plays effortlessly. She could easily be ranked number 1 spot if considering experience and exposure in professional music is to be taken into account.

Temilayo has performed on stage with and alongside notable artists including the sensational Davido and Johnny Drille. She is highly exposed in the music industry where she has over the years garnered relevant exposure and experience in her field.

Just like Demilade Adepegba, Temilayo Abodunrin was recently recognized and enlisted as an artiste by SYOS, an Italian based saxophone accessories company.

7. Saxistife

Full Name: Ifeoluwa Alaina Balogun

Instrument: Saxophone

Music Genre: Contemporary Gospel

About Saxistife

Ifeoluwa Alaina Balogun aka Saxistife is a 10 year old saxophonist who has been playing the saxophone for more than 3 years. She was inspired to play the musical instrument when she saw another child playing the saxophone.

Ifeoluwa, who is solely a contemporary gospel musician, is tutored and inspired by Jerry Omole, Beejay Sax and Adebola Shammah. Adebola Shammah is her teacher and she is a member of the Adeboal Shammah Band. She hopes to be an anointed minister of God. When Ifeoluwa is not playing her saxophone, she loves loves reading and swimming.

We are confident that Ifeoluwa Balogun aka Saxistife has a great musical future ahead of her.

8. Opeyemi Aderibigbe

Full name: Opeyemi Deborah Aderibigbe

Instrument: Violin

Music Genre: Classicals and Contemporary

About Opeyemi Aderibigbe

Opeyemi is a highly skilled 9 year old violinist who started learning and playing the violin at age 5. Coming from a musically inclined family, she was introduced to music earlier though private music tutors. She would settle for the violin.

Opeyemi is highly passionate about music. She hopes to further her music path in the future where she aspires to teach music to both young and old. When not playing the violin, you would probably catch Opeyemi with the movies. Her role model is no other than virtuoso violinist and teacher Erika Blanco.

9. Temitayo Kayode

Full Name: Temitayo Kayode

Instrument: Saxophone and Piano

Music Genre: Contemporary Gospel and Jazz

About Temitayo Kayode

Temitayo Kayode aka T Sax, born on the 10th of July 2007 is a multitalented saxophonist and pianist. He loves music especially the instruments. He was the winner of God Children Great Talent (GCGT) Season 5 in age 7-9 category held at Eko Hotel Nigeria, where over 3000 children from US, UK, CANADA and Nigeria participated in the competition. He also ministered during RCCG National Convention at the Redemption Camp, Nigeria. He performed at the Invasion Concert in Washington DC with Minister Eben, Preye Odede, Tim Godfrey, Jonathan Nelson, Todd Dulaney, JJ Hairston, Phil Thompson, Tye Tribbett, and Joe Mettle with Dr. Sonnie Badu as the host.

Temitayo Kayode has performed in different countries like USA, UK, Turkey, FRANCE, Tanzania and UAE. He was voted among 10 Nigeria Wonder kids and also Awarded winner Best Kid in Gospel Music and has won several other Awards. He had his own first concert, TemmySax live in Concert Tagged “GRACE” where he released his first debut singles on 20th August, and 2017. Temitayo is a BGFRANCE AMBASSADOR AND KIDPRENEUR AFRICA AMBASSADOR. Temitayo released his second single titled THE FLOWING RIDDLE and recently released his third single BEAUTIFUL WORLD. He hopes to become a multi-instrumentalist, an Evangelist (Pastor) and a Medical doctor.

As with most of our Nigeria’s brightest child saxophonist, Temitayo has mentored under Jerry Omole and Beejay Sax. When not playing the saxophone, you would probably catch Temitayo reading or engaged with football. His favourite musician is Dare Justified.


We have deliberately left one vacant spot in our top ten child music prodigy list. This is because we understand that this list is inexhaustible. Who do you think deserve to make the top ten child musician 2022 list?

These top ten child musicians in Nigeria 2022 above is not in any particular order. They are all a bundle of musical talents. Some of them have already honed their skills, a few others are on the pathway. We believe that they have a bright future ahead of them musically. Do you agree? Do you know anyone you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comment.

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    Christiana Igbokwe, Granddaughter of the Music legend Chief Dr Mrs Christy Essien Igbokwe.

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