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What do you do before a performance? If this is your first solo gig, I know nerves are racking and you are very lucky to have found this post. Solo performances are very demanding because you are the center of all attention for the 3-10 minutes you will be performing. If you have nerves issues, try to beat this because nerve and solo performance are not friends.


There are a few things to do before your musical performance.

  1. REST

Sleep well, for 8 hours or more, science says. You are not a machine. For your body to function well, it needs adequate sleep.

Violinists and pianist (or other similar instrumentalists) must learn to sleep in positions that do not hurt their arm. If you sleep on your arm, you might wake up with tension on the arm on the day of the performance. We don’t want that.

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Singers too, sleep with neck rests, if you are likely to sleep irresponsibly and wake with a neck pain. Your body must be in optimum health for a good performance.


If you think for a second I was about to endorse drugs, (in the voice of the popular comedy skit) you’re a failure, you can never make it.

Do not do drugs. They do not help your fright or nervousness. They are rather eleventh hour alternative, which is not good. In your next performance, the fright will still be there. Just talk to a psychologist or seek help with stage fright. Drugs may negatively affect your memory on stage.


You know how tired and lagging you body feels when you just wake up? This is how your instrument and skills will be if you do not warm up before a performance.

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Singers, you must have a personal warm up routine that works specifically for you and is best for your body. Make sure not to sing a strange note on stage that you have not sung in your warm ups.

Play/sing tricky scales, arpeggios, and vocalizes minutes before your performance. Make sure not to stress your instrument, or tire your muscles with this warm up.


Know your body. For me, if I am tensed or experiencing little stage fright, I always feel like going to the toilet to do number 2.

If you are like me, always make plans for number 2 before a performance so that we avoid embarrassing moments on stage.


A last minute glance at the score is very helpful to some performers. It helps to look at that tricky phrase, that modulation, or that highly technical part.

Go through the lyrics one last time and be sure it is still there. Shake it off and go give your best on that stage!

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