The Covid-19 Pandemic has put a stop to several events in the world. Churches have been locked down, musical events for the year has been postponed and curfew has been placed in several countries. All this is as a result of trying to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

A lot of musicians are worried that their source of livelihood and essence of living might be cut short due to the recent happenings. What will happen to musicians after covid-19 pandemic ends?

Back in the days musicians were known to be fulfilled by the large crowd of people who attended their events or came to watch their performances. Will that remain after this covid-19 pandemic crisis is over? Will we get the chance to grace the stage again with our passion and have millions of people cheer our gifts.

Good thing that musicians can actually sing online these days. Lots of choirs have adopted virtual choirs and a lot of singers are getting connected through the Smule app.

Musicians are beginning to find out ways to combat these crisis and still be relevant with their gifts. Private rehearsals with karaoke or your piano have been employed than having to rehearse with a large orchestra or instrumentalists.

Now my fear, after these pandemic crisis will there still be need for the social distance? If social distance is removed. Will we have to wear mask and distort our faces while singing? Will a large crowd of people be allowed into the theatre or hall where we perform? Will we practice with a large set of instrumentalists? Will we travel around the world in tours to promote our Music? Will we remain the same?


The answer lies in the unknown. Just as the world few years ago never knew there will be a crisis such as this. So do we not know what will happen to Musicians and the large stage. All we need is to believe that every gift is a grace. And as musicians, we have the grace to shine out before others and pass our message to the world. In cases whereby the large stage or halls is not made available for us. Let us learn to employ our services online. If you are a musician and you haven’t learnt how to use your talent online. Then you have to hurry up. See my previous post on how to make money online as a singer.

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Hurry up and maximize your gift for the greater glory of God. Register on music estate site ,connect with other musicians and share experiences on how you intend to cope during and after this crisis.

Drop your comments below. I’ll love to hear your opinion on this.

  1. Edikan Benson 4 years ago

    So far, what I’ve been doing is posting videos online to get noticed. The aim being to gain followers and then a fanbase.

  2. Author
    Graciedion 4 years ago

    You’ve been doing so well.

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