Some days ago, it was announced that Elizabeth DeShong (US mezzo soprano) has dropped from the lead role of Glyndebourne’s production of “Rinaldo” an opera by G.F Handel. She was replaced by the young blood who has been shaking and changing the narrative of the opera world: Jakub Jozef Orlinski.

Orlinski (Polish countertenor, dancer, and model) came into limelight when he sang “Vedro con mio deletto” at a concert in casual dress other than a fine fitting black suit. The young artist climbed the stage in shorts denims, shirt with undone top button, and sneakers. The simplicity of his looks and the maleficence of his voice melted hearts. The video’s views on YouTube broke the roof.

As expected, opera directors started giving him roles and now, Jakub is a famous name. His opera’s have been know to be attended by many young people, unlike the gray and tired hairs that opera halls are acclimatized to.

Jakub was originally cast to play the role of Eustazio but after Elizabeth pulled out (reasons best know to her), the company gave the lead role to Orlinski – his former role was then given to another American countertenor Patrick Terry. Among the cast for this opera is Tim Mead, a fine English countertenor.

Orlinski, who has played this role in his house and role debut at Oper Frankfrurt, is sure to deliver a great job.
This is indeed a win for the international countertenor community. The media is also excited about this new development for when this news was posted on opera wire, the comments were all smiling and nodding to the change.

Countertenoring is no joke, it’s hot business. Congratulations to these artist, and I hope young countertenors are inspired to improve their voice and break walls.

  1. Tobee Awosika 4 years ago

    Wow. That’s a surprise.

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